About the Brand

Cara Saven Wall Design aims to make the world a little more beautiful with the help of custom designed wallpaper, canvases, framed prints and vinyls. If you’ve dreamt it, we can create it. Simply put, we take ideas and translate them into unique, personalised designs. We also offer a huge library of existing ideas and images that can be adjusted in colour and scale.


Launched in 2006, Cara Saven offers a complete service, from design to installation. All of our work is done to the highest standards of quality, with a personal element throughout each step of the way. Our clients include interior designers, corporates, creative agencies, architects and many other businesses. Some of our previous installations have included the One and Only hotel in Cape Town and Southern Sun Hotels. Our work can be found as far afield as North Africa, Europe and Asia.


Our approach is simple. Service, delivery and quality are key to what we do. As a full service design boutique, we handle every step of the process, from the sourcing or taking of photographic images to printing on a wide range of media. From canvas to wallpaper, vinyl and glass, our larger than life pieces add lasting value and plenty of impact.


Browse our selection of products to find wallpapers, seamless wallpapers, canvases and vinyls, or view our featured ranges to search by texture, style and theme. Whether you are seeking one of a kind children’s wall art, detailed urban landscapes, intricate botanical prints or something that creates an instant impression for visitors arriving at your office, our collection is designed to inspire.


Contact Cara Saven today to learn more about our custom wall art solutions, or to request a quote.