Standard Panelled Wallpaper


Our standard wallpaper is printed using the latest UV inks and comes in panels of 1.2 metres wide. These panels are expertly “stitched” together on the wall by a qualified installer. Each panel comes with a 20mm overlap, that can either be left as is or can be cut away by the installer to create what we call a “butt” join (both panels are at the same level). This wallpaper has a paper backing and is easy to remove from the wall. It cannot be reused once removed.

Seamless Wallpaper - VivdTex


Our latest development in the seamless wallpaper category is VividTex – a dye sublimated wallpaper that has a textile finish and can also be printed to 3 meters in height and up to 50 meters in width. This product offers a print quality that has not been seen in large format printing due to its intensity of colour and ability to print sharp detail. It is reusable and completely scratch proof, making it perfect for high traffic areas like hotels, restaurants and public spaces.

Seamless Wallpaper - UV Printed


Our most economically priced, high quality, seamless wallpaper.  Being a lightweight substrate makes it ideal for ceiling applications, it’s also suitable for walls, provided the surface has a very smooth, white finish. It’s a dye sublimated wallpaper, which guarantees a scratch-proof print, with enhanced definition and colour.

Seamless Wallpaper - UV Printed

UV Printed

Seamless Wallpaper is the latest innovation in large format printing due to the fact that it can be printed to 3 meters in height by up to 50 meters in width – with no join lines. This seamless wallpaper has the look and feel of canvas wallpaper and is especially suited to bathrooms and high moisture areas due to its specialised backing. If the wall has been primed and prepped correctly, it can be reused on removal.

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All our designs are available to print on a poly cotton fabric that is perfect for upholstery, tablecloths and scatter cushions. The fabric can be washed and even tumble dried without any shrinkage.


Adhesive vinyls come in many forms; from frosted to plain coloured vinyls to complex printed vinyl with cutouts. We offer them all, including metallics


We print on the highest quality imported German canvas which can be stretched on any thickness of obeche wood frame which comes with a 7 year guarentee against warping. We also offer the option of shadow framing your canvases with any wood or colour frame.


All our designs can be ordered as prints which include textured paper, poster paper, photographic paper or correx board. We also offer a framing service for projects.