How to Install your Wallpaper

We strongly suggest you use a professional wallpaper installer to install our wallpaper.

What they need to know:

      • We print our wallpaper with a 20mm overlap on each panel which allows your installer to either overlap your joins, or perform a double cut (we prefer double cut)
      • Double Cutting – a technique used to obtain perfectly fitted seams. This is done by overlapping one panel of wallpaper over the other until the image or patterns are perfectly matched. Then a sharp blade is used to cut through both layers. The excess edges are then removed.
      • To trim the overlap you will need a straight edge and a wallpaper trimming knife . Make a clean, straight, vertical cut through both of the layers at the centre of the overlaps. 
      • Then peel away the waste on the top layer and lift the overlap and peel away the waste on the bottom layer. Smooth both layers back down, wipe away any surplus adhesive. The result will be a nearly invisible seam between the panels