How to choose the right wallpaper

How to choose the right wallpaper

For our first blog post we thought why not tackle the hardest subject of all…. making a decision on the design. And with a range of over 750 designs for you to choose from, we’re not making your lives any easier.

But the truth is, that the choice does not need to be a difficult one if you ask yourself the following few questions:

1. Where for art thou wall?

If you’re planning on using your wallpaper in a private space like your bedroom, you will only have 1 or 2 people who view it. It needs to be a design that is calming, cocooning or helps to create an ambience that is conducive to rest and relaxation (unless, of course, you are some kind of techno bunny that parties hard in your PJs). Now, if your wallpaper is being used in a guest bathroom for instance, where everyone coming to your home will be privy to it, you want to go more wow, more talking-point, more risky.

2. What’s your Theme song?

Is it nature you are wanting to bring into your space, do you love everything floral, or do you want something clean and uncomplicated? This will help determine which of our ranges to begin looking through. I, for instance, am obsessed with anything vintage, so that’s where I would begin. I would then move on to our Botanical range and then I’d probably have more than enough to choose from.

3. What’s your hue, bru?

Wallpaper can either dominate a space, or add a layer to it. Colour is the determining factor for this. It stands to reason that bright and bold colour will be for those wanting to create a space dominated by the wallpaper, while those that prefer neutrals or monotone are looking to create a more layered feeling with their wallcovering. 

4. If your wallpaper could speak?

Are you seeking a “look at me” wallcovering or one that is more content to play in the background? Think of this question as the personality type you are after if your wallpaper was a person. Extrovert or introvert? Loud or quiet? Humble or “I’m your next selfie post”.

5. How long will I love thee?

While it’s so important to update your interiors like you would your clothes, wallpaper is not a cheap exercise and choosing a design that you can live with for 4 or more years is something to consider when making that decision.

Once you’ve answered the questions above we have no doubt that deciding on the right wallcovering will be child’s play!