How To Choose Wallpaper For Your Living Room

Floral wallpaper in the living room with a couch in the foreground

Deciding on the perfect wallpaper can transform the aesthetic of your living room, providing both a refreshing vibe and a reflection of your personal style. From contemplating the atmosphere you wish to create to understanding the practical aspects like material and measurements, this guide will navigate you through the myriad choices available, ensuring your living room becomes a true extension of your taste.

Establishing Your Vision

Before embarking on your wallpaper journey, it’s vital to reflect on what atmosphere you’d like your living room to exude. Consider the following:

  • What ambience are you aiming for? Cosy, polished, lively, or calm?
  • Do you envision a striking centrepiece or a muted canvas?
  • Are your tastes inclined towards classic vintage designs, chic geometrics, botanical prints, or something completely distinctive?
  • What colour schemes complement your current furnishings and ornaments?
  • Have you considered textured wallpapers to introduce an element of depth?

With a lucid understanding of your desires, navigating the extensive array of wallpapers on offer becomes a more intuitive process.


Beautiful blue and nature inspired living room wallpaper

Living Room Wallpaper Ideas

Achieving a harmonious aesthetic is paramount when decorating any room. Your wallpaper should naturally complement your existing furniture, fabrics, and ornaments. If your living room has a dominant hue, choose a wallpaper that echoes or contrasts this colour effectively, enhancing the room’s unity.

Additionally, consider the patterns and textures of your furnishings. A room with bold patterns might benefit from a more muted wallpaper, while a subtler space could welcome vibrant wallpaper designs.

Moreover, the layout and connections of your living room to other parts of the home are pivotal. Especially in open-plan spaces or smaller abodes where the living area might double up for other purposes, your wallpaper selection must complement the living room and any adjacent areas. This might mean adopting a consistent colour palette or ensuring design themes flow smoothly from one space to the next.

Choosing the Ideal Living Wallpaper Colour

Selecting the right colour for your wallpaper is paramount to creating a harmonious ambience. It should seamlessly blend with your interior design palette. Introducing a vivacious wallpaper might disrupt the balance of a living room adorned with soft tones. In such cases, lean towards warm hues like amber, mellow yellow, or shades of orange. If uncertainty looms, neutral tones are your safest bet. Colours like beige, grey, black, and white are versatile choices that effortlessly align with various colour schemes and preserve the integrity of your existing decor.

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Custom designed gold wall art

Sampling Before Settling

Selecting lounge wallpaper is a significant decision. Most wallpaper suppliers provide sample pieces, enabling you to experience the design firsthand within your space.


  • The Litmus Test: Examine the wallpaper swatch under varying lighting throughout the day – morning sunshine, afternoon glow, artificial illumination, and evening shade. This ensures the design remains desirable in all settings and safeguards against potential mismatches.
  • Juxtaposition Checks: Position the sample adjacent to your furniture, drapes, and decorative elements. This hands-on approach ensures harmony between the wallpaper and room elements.
vintage inspired wallpaper for the living area

Planning for Tomorrow

As timeless as your chosen wallpaper may seem, tastes change, and design trends evolve. It’s prudent to consider how adaptable your choice is to future modifications and shifts in style.

Opting for removable wallpapers is a visionary move, offering versatility and safeguarding against future redecorating desires. This approach ensures ease of change without causing damage or leaving residues.

Wall murals in the living room with trees as the design

Calculating the Correct Amount of Wallpaper

Before you delve into the designs and patterns, it’s imperative to determine the right amount of wallpaper you’ll need. Start by measuring your wall:


  • Measuring the Height: Measure the tallest part of your wall, ensuring you exclude the skirting and any ceiling moulding.
  • Measuring the Width: Consider the full width of the wall, which means including the width of any doors and windows.
Sitting room wallpaper with a Cape Town inspired wall design

On-Site Measurements

For expansive projects, Cara Saven Wall Design happily offers on-site measurements. However, for smaller projects, you’ll be taking your own measurements. Don’t fret, though; the team is always on hand to guide you through the process if you need clarification. Plus, to ensure perfection in fitting, an additional bleed of 8cm is added to all orders. So, even if your measurements are out by a slight margin, rest assured they’ve got you covered.

Selecting the best material for living room wallpaper

Gorgeous living room wall designs

Seamless Wallpaper

Seamless wallpapers have rightfully earned their reputation for being robust and relatively maintenance-free due to their lack of joins. They can withstand the occasional mishap, making them a contender for lively spaces. Known for having a range of seamless wallpaper, Cara Saven Wall Design, offers you a number of options in this category.

Paper material

While exuding a certain classic elegance, paper wallpaper is not suited for areas like the living room. Vulnerable to damage, staining, and the ill effects of humidity, its placement in bustling areas is a decor misstep.

Vividtex's Superiority

Rising above the rest is Vividtex. Used by Cara Saven Wall Design, this local masterpiece is moisture-defiant, scratch-resistant and seamless. Its ability to withstand rigorous cleaning without compromising its design makes it the undisputed champion for living room decor.

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Final thoughts on living room wallpaper

Your living room is more than just a space; it expresses who you are. The perfect wallpaper can dramatically elevate its ambience, creating a harmonious blend of design and functionality. By considering the atmosphere, material, measurements, and design intricacies, you’re well on your way to making an informed decision that will stand the test of time. Remember, it’s not just about following trends but about making a choice that feels right for you and your home.